Electrical generator sets (a.k.a. gensets) generally are the most cost-effective emergency backup power devices. Their cost of course depends on many factors such as type, rated output, and equipment options.
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There are two main types of residential gensets: standby and portable. Portables are good primarily for small loads and short-term outages. If you want to supply for days an entire house or some major appliances such a central a/c, you need a standby system.
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Standby gensets are hardwired to your house electrical wiring via a changeover system and connected to a natural gas line or a large stationary diesel or propane fuel tank. If you are looking for a licensed electrician to install a generator or need a quote for any other electrical work, please use the link to the left. You may receive one or more (if available for your requirements) free no-obligation quotes.

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